Dear Travel Agent: Don't leave for tomorrow what can be done today! Connect with the Connected and [register with us now!! ](

Dear Travel Agent: Don't leave for tomorrow what can be done today! Connect with the Connected and [register with us now!! ](

Partner Program

Your global tourism marketplace

What we offer:
  1. DMC representation and cross-selling to buyers globally
  2. Dynamic travel technology and software
  3. Travel school, flight school
  4. Hotels, resorts, boutique stays
  5. Airlines, small cruises, ferries
  6. Land Transport, Air Cargo
  7. Marketing
  8. Global office, white label
How we offer our products & services:
  1. Trade shows and road shows
  2. Networking and sales platforms, resources and updated agency database
  3. Unireps agents distributions and communications
  4. Social media support
  5. eNewsletters, eMagazines, templates, webinars
  6. Promotional offers (tips and news)
  7. eMail marketing (CRM, Zoho)
  8. Direct sales and marketing (in-person contact)
  9. Website creation

What is the Unireps Partner Program?

Unireps empowers companies to promote and increase their reach to the global audience. With this initialtive, Unireps seeks to strengthen ties among our partner companies, and enhance mutual growth. Unireps offers website development and support, marketing cross-selling tools, and the latest technological services (i.e.: booking engine powered by NDC, CRM distribution).

The current initiative program contains three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, each allowing for different types of reach and benefits.



  • Your company label featured in our website with direct link
  • eMarketing solutions
  • Travel Certification (Canada, one-time fee applies), local travel registrar equivalents
  • Call centre support



  • Bronze benefits
  • Newsletter sponsorship space
  • Social media creation
  • Rotating advertising space
  • CRM distribution
  • Dedicated agent
  • Template creation
  • Guaranteed cross-selling
  • NA trade shows



  • Bronze and Silver benefits
  • Tradeshow promotion with networking support exclusivity with Unireps, and participation in
    our annual congress
  • Your global virtual office in one of our physical offices located worldwide
  • Dedicated agent for in-person (whenever possible) or virtual visit

Monies collected from the different programs go toward further growth and promotion of Unireps, which in return, benefit your company.

In addition to the partnership program outlined, Unireps offers website development, as well as additional marketing services (PowerPoint creation, flyer design, etc.). If you are interested, please email us at [email protected].